The Different Types of Garage Doors


Garage doors are not generally something you think about, that is, untill you come to replacing one. There are four main types of door, these include; ones that swing out, the ones that swing up into an overhead position, the ones that neatly roll up, or the grand ones that slide to one side. There are three common materials used in the production of garage doors, these are; wood, steel and aluminium.

Limited space

Your choice in garage door really depends on your situation, if you are limited on space, then an aluminium roll up door, or steel swing up door will be perfect. They take up little room and where the swing up doors are concerned, you can paint them any colour you wish … even pink … maybe not pink.

Ample space

The swing out garage doors are great if you have the space, they wouldn’t take up half of the head room that the roll up or swing up doors would.

Make a Statement

If it’s a statement that you’re looking for then the grand, slide to the side garage doors are for you, these really make a great impression on a double garage.

Of course, this is a brief introduction to the different types of garage doors, for more in depth information you can visit:

The door you decide on depends on your prefernce and situation, it may not be the most exciting topic to research, but get to grips with the differnt designs; for those techies amoung you, you can even get nifty little remote controls for some doors. The possibilities are really endless.