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Why Your garage Should Be Well Ventilated


A garage is a construction and as such should obey the laws of any other construction with regards to ventilation.


One of the most important things to consider in a garage is the ventilation. If a garage wasn’t ventilated properly it would get a lot of condensation and that could lead to rotten wood and damp and decaying plaster or brickwork.

Toxic fumes

If a car is stored in the garage and the garage wasn’t ventilated properly the toxic fumes from the vehicle exhaust would stay in the garage and cause a toxic and unpleasant atmosphere and could be dangerous. It has been known for pet guinea pigs to be put in a garage during the winter and then the car was backed it, the garage locked and the next morning the guinea pig was dead, poisoned by toxic fumes.

Unpleasant atmosphere

Even if the amount of fumes were non-toxic it would still be an unpleasant place to be without adequate ventilation.

Ventilation methods

One of the simplest and best methods is to incorporate air bricks in the construction. If it is a larger garage for more than one car and equipped for car repairs an electric fan would be recommended.

What to Consider When Building a Garage


Although having a garage attached to your home is not unusual, unfortunately, not all homes have this feature. If this is the case for you, and you want a garage to store your belongings and your car, then one of the things that you may have found yourself considering is building your own garage. This is perfectly doable, but there are a few things that you may want to consider before you get to work. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Make sure that you have permission

One of the things that a lot of people may not realize is the fact that in order to build a garage next to your property, you will need to make sure that you have the correct permission. Planning permission from the local council is absolutely essential, so before you even start thinking about the type of garage that you want, it is important that you sort out planning permission first.

Consider the different materials that you want to use

These days, there are plenty of different materials that you can choose to construct your garage with. It is a good idea to do a considerable amount of research into the different materials that are available, and which would be the most suitable for your needs. There are plenty of resources available that will allow you to do your research.

Set yourself a budget

Before you start to think about getting planning permission, it would be a good idea to consider setting yourself a realistic budget.A lot of the time, people will start the construction work, only to find that they have actually ran out of funds to use for their building work. So, before you get started, have a proper think about what you can actually afford to spend on construction materials and labour.

There are so many other points that should be kept in mind, but these are some of the most important. If you want to make sure that your garage is what you actually want, then it would definitely be a good idea to keep these points in mind.

Large garages for multi car storage


A large garage is a valuable space to have at your disposal – especially when you have a number of cars with which to fill it.Whether your garage will fit two, three or many cars, a large area designed to store vehicles is a prime commodity, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Car Storage

The most obvious use of a large garage would be to store cars in it. Whether you have one car or four, garages come in all shapes and sizes. With a large variety of security options, conformations and uses, garages can be essential spaces, which safeguard one of a person’s main assets and provide priceless space outside of the home.


Many garages contain workshops, where the DIY enthusiast can carry out basic tasks with the correct tools and equipment easily to hand. It is one of the simple joys in life to create a pegboard wall and fill it up with tools – rows upon rows of shining metal all waiting to spring to your bidding.As a car enthusiast, having a secure inside space can enhance maintenance and tinkering on a beloved machine. Perhaps you have a classic car, which requires regular checks, or you are building a vehicle from the wheels up. Perhaps you are simply fine-tuning your vehicle so that it is running with maximum efficiency. A well-equipped space can make all the difference.

Functional space

Many choose to use their garage as a functional space – whether it is a games room with a pool table, or a bar in which to relax after a hard working week.Regardless of the space’s use, moving heavy equipment without power is a common activity in a garage. Swedish company Stringo have designed a tool with which one can easily move a car or other difficult to shift objects with no self propulsion, without putting too much strain on backs, necks and other muscles.

Make the most of your garage space today.

Ideal Tool Storage Solutions for Your Garage


Garages are often dark, dusty and cluttered, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are various storage solutions available that can make best use of the space you have available, requiring minimal effort to install them. Read on to find out how you can organise your garage in no time.

Pegboards – Organising Small Tools

The first and simplest solution for organising many of your garage tools is to install a pegboard to a wall-space. A pegboard is a flat piece of wood with holes in it that can be fitted with pegs for hanging various small tools and parts. It provides a handy and easily-accessible visual layout and is adaptable for incorporating small item bins and shelves.

Slat Walls – Extensive Customisation

Slat walls offer greater functionality for holding larger tools such as rakes and shovels. Like pegboards, they free up floor space while keeping tools within arm’s reach. They can be customised by attaching various types of hooks and shelves, allowing for a wide range of tools to be organised such as hose piping and fishing rods.

Shelving – Create Added Wall Storage

Shelving offers an easy and visual way to store tools while saving on floor space. A free-standing shelving solution is your best option as you can install and easily move them without having to drill holes in to walls, as and when your storage requirements change. For larger loads, a metal shelving option would be ideal and can better withstand bumps and knocks.

Lofts and Overhead Storage – Making the Most of Ceiling Height

For those that have a high ceiling in their garage, creating a loft or using overhead storage may be the ideal option – especially if space is at a premium. Lofts can be handy spaces out of the way, yet easily reachable, for storing tools. Alternatively, you could install overhead brackets in the ceiling for securely suspending light storage containers.

Designing a Garage Interior


Whether you are planning on building a a garage in the near future or you wish to renovate the existing space, knowing how to correctly design its interior is a key step that should never be overlooked. Thankfully, this is not very complicated if you plan ahead and keep a few important principles in mind. To make things simple, let’s look at some suggestions that can save you a great deal of time and money.

From the Ground Up

Before installing any fixtures, shelves or panels, you will need to remember that the floor must be protected against the elements. Normal paint will not suffice in this case. Instead, choose a quality epoxy mixture. This paint is waterproof and highly durable; thus able to withstand foot traffic and other demands. It is best to choose paint with anti-slip particles contained within to add extra levels of safety for you, your friends and your family.

Allocating Shelving Correctly

It is likely that you are working within a limited amount of space. So, you need to carefully plan where you want to place your shelves. Make sure that they are easily accessible while not obstructing any walkways. If this is not an option, consider purchasing rolling tool chests and shelving units. These are highly durable and quite cost-effective alternatives. Many can be locked to prevent unauthorised access.

Natural Light

Most of the top do-it-yourself sites will state that letting in natural light is more preferable than using overhead fixtures alone. So, check around and make certain that any space where a window is placed will not affect the load-bearing principles of the walls. This will not be a concern in most cases and a window can be installed in a matter of hours.

With the right type of flooring, shelving and lighting, your garage can be quickly converted into a fun and welcoming location within your home.

Choosing the Right Lock for your Garage Door


Garages are used to store valuables like power tools and bikes, yet they are often secured with nothing more than a cylinder lock, which many burglars can force open in a matter of minutes. Installing a more secure lock is advisable, but there are many options, and some are not compatible with certain types of door.

Garage Door Bolts

The door bolt kit is compatible with most kinds of garage door. A door bolt kit consists of two cases, each with a locking mechanism and one protruding bolt, which can be extended or retracted with the correct key. Each case is fixed on the inside of the garage door, at opposite sides, with a hole drilled through the garage door enabling access to the locking mechanism from the outside of the door. When locked, the bolts will extend into holes drilled into the door frame, preventing the door from being opened.

Garage Door Defenders

The door defender is compatible with the common up and over garage door. The door defender consists of two parts. The first is the base plate, a metal plate which is bolted into the ground below the door. The rear of the plate should be directly under the door, with the front protruding. Once the plate is in place, the defender unit can be locked to it with a padlock. Once locked in place, the bulky unit is positioned so that it blocks the door and makes it impossible to open.

If you have an electric door, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer first, to avoid damaging the motor, or invalidating your warranty.