Choosing the Right Lock for your Garage Door


Garages are used to store valuables like power tools and bikes, yet they are often secured with nothing more than a cylinder lock, which many burglars can force open in a matter of minutes. Installing a more secure lock is advisable, but there are many options, and some are not compatible with certain types of door.

Garage Door Bolts

The door bolt kit is compatible with most kinds of garage door. A door bolt kit consists of two cases, each with a locking mechanism and one protruding bolt, which can be extended or retracted with the correct key. Each case is fixed on the inside of the garage door, at opposite sides, with a hole drilled through the garage door enabling access to the locking mechanism from the outside of the door. When locked, the bolts will extend into holes drilled into the door frame, preventing the door from being opened.

Garage Door Defenders

The door defender is compatible with the common up and over garage door. The door defender consists of two parts. The first is the base plate, a metal plate which is bolted into the ground below the door. The rear of the plate should be directly under the door, with the front protruding. Once the plate is in place, the defender unit can be locked to it with a padlock. Once locked in place, the bulky unit is positioned so that it blocks the door and makes it impossible to open.

If you have an electric door, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer first, to avoid damaging the motor, or invalidating your warranty.