Designing a Garage Interior


Whether you are planning on building a a garage in the near future or you wish to renovate the existing space, knowing how to correctly design its interior is a key step that should never be overlooked. Thankfully, this is not very complicated if you plan ahead and keep a few important principles in mind. To make things simple, let’s look at some suggestions that can save you a great deal of time and money.

From the Ground Up

Before installing any fixtures, shelves or panels, you will need to remember that the floor must be protected against the elements. Normal paint will not suffice in this case. Instead, choose a quality epoxy mixture. This paint is waterproof and highly durable; thus able to withstand foot traffic and other demands. It is best to choose paint with anti-slip particles contained within to add extra levels of safety for you, your friends and your family.

Allocating Shelving Correctly

It is likely that you are working within a limited amount of space. So, you need to carefully plan where you want to place your shelves. Make sure that they are easily accessible while not obstructing any walkways. If this is not an option, consider purchasing rolling tool chests and shelving units. These are highly durable and quite cost-effective alternatives. Many can be locked to prevent unauthorised access.

Natural Light

Most of the top do-it-yourself sites will state that letting in natural light is more preferable than using overhead fixtures alone. So, check around and make certain that any space where a window is placed will not affect the load-bearing principles of the walls. This will not be a concern in most cases and a window can be installed in a matter of hours.

With the right type of flooring, shelving and lighting, your garage can be quickly converted into a fun and welcoming location within your home.