Large garages for multi car storage


A large garage is a valuable space to have at your disposal – especially when you have a number of cars with which to fill it.Whether your garage will fit two, three or many cars, a large area designed to store vehicles is a prime commodity, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Car Storage

The most obvious use of a large garage would be to store cars in it. Whether you have one car or four, garages come in all shapes and sizes. With a large variety of security options, conformations and uses, garages can be essential spaces, which safeguard one of a person’s main assets and provide priceless space outside of the home.


Many garages contain workshops, where the DIY enthusiast can carry out basic tasks with the correct tools and equipment easily to hand. It is one of the simple joys in life to create a pegboard wall and fill it up with tools – rows upon rows of shining metal all waiting to spring to your bidding.As a car enthusiast, having a secure inside space can enhance maintenance and tinkering on a beloved machine. Perhaps you have a classic car, which requires regular checks, or you are building a vehicle from the wheels up. Perhaps you are simply fine-tuning your vehicle so that it is running with maximum efficiency. A well-equipped space can make all the difference.

Functional space

Many choose to use their garage as a functional space – whether it is a games room with a pool table, or a bar in which to relax after a hard working week.Regardless of the space’s use, moving heavy equipment without power is a common activity in a garage. Swedish company Stringo have designed a tool with which one can easily move a car or other difficult to shift objects with no self propulsion, without putting too much strain on backs, necks and other muscles.

Make the most of your garage space today.